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If we want to detect questionable manipulation, we have to look at the issue from a data point of view. From this perspective, we do not focus on disallowed alteration methods, but rather on the effects on the data itself. Based on our observations of fraud cases described in the cited literature, we propose the following simple general classification of data manipulation:

Type 1: Manipulation by deleting unwanted data information (for example using the Photoshop cloning Tool)
Type 2: Duplication by reusing images in different papers or contexts
Type 3: Manipulation by adding information/data points.

The flow chart in Fig. shows the classification of the three different types of manipulation (on the top) into different detection strategies. The green pathways show the strategies that we examine in our work. At first glance, the second type (duplication in different works) seems to be the most labor-intensive to detect because it requires extensive cross-checking with images that are already published across the entire literature in a given field. In the above-mentioned Herrmann/Mertelsmann/Brach case, investigators often had to rely on their memory; they had seen the questioned image before in another publication by the same author and had to look it up “manually” (Wormer Find Great Cheap Price Free Shipping With Credit Card Elizabeth and James Suede Wedge Booties w/ Tags Under 70 Dollars Discount Cheap Online 2018 New Online i5qhCrD
). Today, “post-publication peer review” forums and websites such as “pubpeer” ( Espadrilles gris Sale Clearance Store qEiN2e
) or “Retraction Watch” ( http://retractionwatch.com/ ) seem to be helpful for such examinations, notably after publication. Cases of duplicated images appear on “Retraction Watch” or other platforms on an almost weekly basis. The duplicated images can often be found in the same paper or in other works by the author(s). That reduces the amount of effort required for image comparisons. One recent example is a 2013 paper about human cloning that created some excitement over duplicated images (Tachibana et al. 2012 ). A few days after publication, an anonymous investigator presented the duplications on “pubpeer”. However, an algorithm to detect duplicated images would have helped the journal detect these images prior to publishing.

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To search for manipulated images, we first decide what type of fraud we anticipate: deleted information, added information or duplicated images (). In a second step, we specify the manipulation in relation to data availability and use of copied areas (). In the last step, we determine the type of algorithm for the actual problem (). The refer to the two cases in which our algorithms contribute to the scanning routine. that require a decision, provide additional information

Procedures to Detect Images with Added Information

If parts of the information in a given image are added to the original version, this copied-and-pasted area leaves characteristic edges at the border of the copied area. Therefore, it is necessary to spot visible or hidden edges around important image data (e.g. bands in Western Blots) to detect cut points and, in a second step, the origin of the copied information (see Fig., type 3). One problem in detecting suspicious edges is lossy image compression. Most published images use the jpg-format, which employs a lossy compression algorithm based on 8×8 pixel blocks (ISO/IEC 10918-1: 1993). When we look at edges, the first step is to discriminate edges caused by compression from edges caused by manipulation. Again, manipulation type 3 is difficult to process automatically because the signal from the added data is typically much stronger than the signal from the edges of copied areas. As our goal is to outline the first steps towards a tool for use by journal editors and/or reviewers as a possible screening method of incoming images, this paper will focus on the first two types of possible manipulations (deletion or duplication of areas). Searching for edges requires other types of algorithms which are not the subject of this work. One way to avoid manipulation type 3 in the future would be for journals to accept only uncompressed image data at submission for quality checks.

Procedures to Detect Deleted Information and Duplicated Images

At first glance, searching for deleted information in a given image seems to be a paradox: How to look for something which is not there anymore? Typically, the deleted information has been replaced by background noise. This can be done by copying and pasting another part of the image in a way that hides the unwanted area (compare the specification step in the flow chart in Fig.). Since we cannot search for the deleted data, we must search for the origin of the copied background. In principle, it is possible to detect deleted information by searching for edges, but the above-mentioned problem of compressed images applies here, too.

One proposed method to detect areas with data deletion is to search for background regions which differ from their direct neighborhood in the image, e.g. by changes in luminance or color. An alternative is to search for similar areas, which are indicative of data manipulation by copying and pasting. In this work, we considered data deletion by replacement with background. In a second step, we examined a related problem: finding identical images or identical details.

One strategy to match a copied region to its new environment is changing contrast. After such a change, the copied area is no longer identical with its original. For that reason, we also need an algorithm to detect regions that are similar, although modified.

Go to:

We provided three different algorithms to detect copied areas in the background. In this section, we first describe data pre-processing, followed by the three algorithms. As a last step, we present a tool to summarize the results. The algorithms are all part of a newly developed R (R Core Team Isabel Marant Tavia Leather Mules Clearance Cheap Real Cheap Sale Low Price High Quality Cheap Price Clearance Store Sale Online xvY8F
) software package FraudDetTools, which is available from the authors. The package contains a selection of functions written in R. All algorithms work with one or two different images. The package has two core functions: The function readImage collects the pre-processing steps; nN9Var provides the different comparison algorithms. In addition, some functions that output results and some sample data are also part of FraudDetTool.

Effect of the connectivity in ER networks on and () and order parameter vs. for a fully connected (all-to-all) topology (). The network size is  = 500.

Full size image

To round off, we now explore the effects that two dynamical ingredients, α and the frequency heterogeneity, play in the onset of synchronized states. Up to now, our analysis has been performed by focusing on a fixed value of α , that is, α  = 1 ( α  = 100) for the SL (K) oscillator, and a uniform distribution of natural frequencies within a fixed interval ( ω j  [1, 3]). However, the critical value depends on both factors, and, in particular, it decreases with α, i.e. , as the amplitude dynamics becomes more relevant. This result becomes clear in Coach Womens Georgetta Leather R Coach Genuine Supply For Sale Shop For For Sale Cheap Sale Wiki Discount Low Cost 7L0rWmDbQ
where the curves of (solid line) and of (dashed line) are reported in the plane λ  −  α for an ER network (similar results are obtained for motifs and SF networks). When α is large, the behavior of SL oscillators is similar to that of K ones, and the curve of superimposes to that of . On the contrary, the smaller becomes α , the closer are SL oscillators to the Hopf bifurcation, a condition that favors synchronization. In particular, Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Two Ponyhair Pumps w/ Tags Buy Cheap Order Extremely For Sale Geniue Stockist Cheap Price 6U8zTisLh9
shows that, soon after α  = 10 the critical couplings and become different, so that synchronization is significantly favored for SL oscillators (outside the region of amplitude death). The threshold gap is fitted by with c 1  = 0.048 ± 0.005, γ 1  = 0.76 ± 0.1. The fitting is also reported in Fig. 6(a) .

() Critical values (dashed line), (solid line) and fitting of (red, dash-dot line) in the plane  − . AD indicates the region of amplitude death. () as a function of Δ, showing how larger heterogeneities increase the gap between the two thresholds. The inset illustrates the order parameter for SL (continuous line) and K (dashed line) oscillators for three different values of Δ (Δ = 1 green line, Δ = 2 red line and Δ = 4 blue line). Data refer to an ER network with  = 500 and 〈〉 = 8, where the frequencies are assigned according to RA.

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We have also studied the behavior with respect to distributions in [1, 1 + Δ ω ] and observed that larger values of Δ ω further promote the enhancement of synchronization in networks of SL oscillators with respect to those with K units. In particular, Fig. 6(b) illustrates vs. Δ ω . The curve is functionally fitted by with c 2  = 0.014 ± 0.0025 and γ 2  = 1.75 ± 0.12. The parameter Δ ω quantifies the degree of heterogeneity in the node dynamics. Increasing Δ ω makes more difficult to achieve synchronization in the network, thus generally increasing the synchronization threshold (for the case of two oscillators, the analytical formula clearly shows this). However, the increase in the threshold for the Kuramoto oscillators is greater than for SL, thus resulting in the larger gap observed. This positive effect of heterogeneity is also found in the motifs (see Fig. 2 ), where the greater is the difference between the oscillator frequencies the larger is the gap between the two thresholds.

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Für einige Skills muss die Identität des Endbenutzers mit einem Benutzer in einem anderen System verknüpft werden. Dies wird als Kontoverknüpfung bezeichnet, weil damit eine Verknüpfung zwischen dem Alexa-Benutzer und dem Benutzerkonto in Ihrem System erstellt wird. Skills, die die For Sale Cheap Price From China MELINA Classic heels metallic silver For Cheap Sale Online For Nice Cheap Price YfI9Lff
verwenden, müssen die Kontoverknüpfung (mit dem Ablauf zur Erteilung des Autorisierungscodes) nutzen, damit der Alexa-Benutzer mit dem Cloud-Konto seines Geräts verbunden werden kann. Benutzerdefinierte Skills können falls erforderlich die Kontoverknüpfung verwenden.

Beispiel: Sie betreiben einen Webdienst namens Mitfahrdienst , über den Benutzer Taxis bestellen können. Ein benutzerdefinierter Skill, bei dem Benutzer sprachgesteuert auf Mitfahrdienst zugreifen können („Alexa, bestelle bei Mitfahrdienst ein Taxi“) wäre eine nützliche Sache. Der Skill erfüllt diese Anforderung, indem er auf den „Mitfahrdienst“-Dienst als „Mitfahrdienst“-Benutzer zugreift . Sie benötigen daher eine Verknüpfung zwischen dem Amazon-Konto, das mit dem Alexa-Gerät verwendet wird, und dem „Mitfahrdienst“-Konto für den Benutzer.

In diesem Dokument werden die unterstützten Methoden für die Einrichtung dieser Art von Verknüpfungen zwischen einem Alexa-Benutzer und einem Benutzer in Ihrem System beschrieben.

Beachten Sie, dass die Kontoverknüpfung erforderlich ist, wenn der Skill sich mit einem System verbinden muss, für das eine Authentifizierung erforderlich ist. Wenn Ihr benutzerdefinierter Skill nur den Benutzer nachverfolgen muss, um Attribute zwischen Sitzungen zu speichern, ist eine Kontoverknüpfung nicht erforderlich. Sie können anstatt dessen die userID verwenden, die bei jeder Anforderung mitgeliefert wird, um den Benutzer zu identifizieren. Die userID für einen bestimmten Benutzer wird generiert, wenn der Benutzer Ihren Skill in der Alexa App aktiviert. Jede nachfolgende Anforderung von diesem Benutzer an Ihren Skill enthält dieselbe userID , bis der Benutzer den Skill deaktiviert. Der Beispiel-Skill Scorekeeper zeigt, wie die userID -Werte in einer Datenbank gespeichert werden, um die Attribute zwischen Sitzungen beizubehalten.

Zur Verknüpfung eines Alexa-Benutzers mit einem Konto in Ihrem System benötigen Sie einen Zugriffstoken (Zugriffsberechtigung) , der den Benutzer in Ihrem System eindeutig identifiziert. Der Alexa-Dienst speichert diese Zugriffsberechtigung und sendet sie mit Anforderungen an Ihren Skill-Dienst mit. Ihr Skill kann dann die Zugriffsberechtigung verwenden, um eine Authentifizierung des Benutzers in Ihrem System durchzuführen.

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